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Located in South Central Corpus Christi, TX, Endless Styles provides the perfect oasis for your hair and clothing needs. Catering from eclectic jewelry, to original clothing. Endless Styles strives to provide an edgy look that is classic and fun from your hair to your toes. Thank you for making us Corpus Christi's Best Hair Salon!

We know the latest trends and styles.

From Pinterest to Stumble, and so much more, staying updated with the latest styles and trends is what we do. Endless Styles is known for it's unique and wearable items. This trend setting boutique delivers a shopping experience that is budget friendly. Tops, shirts, and pants are a few of the items that can be found at Endless Styles. This original boutique with a lovely elegant chandelier at the entrance, sets the mood for an enjoyable and exquisite shopping experience. Its only right to be greeted at the door with a preference of beverage. From sodas to wine you are bound to have a good time felling relaxed in a well balanced energy environment.

We only use and sell top products.

Our selection of professional hair and pampering products set the standard in salons around the world. Selling and using the best is something Endless styles Prides itself on.

     One exclusive line is Living Proof, this is a line that was founded by a world class biotech scientist and beauty experts. Invented and patented new molecules that have never been used in beauty before. With over 45 awards to date, the company continues to develop innovative products that will change our hair and skin forever.

     Another line that is quite popular is the Kenra Professional. For more than 50 years, Kenra products have been increasing in popularity. A private company that takes pride in business as well as their products is reassuring for us and our clients. The Kenra line is 100% guaranteed and exclusive to only the professional salons and spas.

     Brazilian Blowout is considered to be a smoothing treatment that is the most innovative and reliable. It's an end result to smooth, healthy, frizz-free hair. The results last up to 12 weeks, using the after care of the Brazilian Blowout shampoo and conditioning solution will enhnace your results with more of a radient shine. A perfect candidate for the Brazilian Blowout is anyone with frizzy, damaged, or over processed hair. It has been known to even treat over permed or Japanese straitened process that have gone wrong. The Brazilian Blowout is a superior healing experience.

We have a gifted staff.

Endless Styles owner Iris Vasquez has had her licence for over 25 years. Staying ahead of the trend and continuing education is a priority for her staff as well as herself. Endless styles is a close family operating staff. When you have a service at the salon or are being catered to in the boutique, every one knows each other on a first name basis. The staffs talent is creating natural looking color and highlights and completing the look with a fabulous haircut. Endless styles is a drama free salon environment where clients feel welcome and appreciated. Come by and enjoy Corpus Christi's top hair salon!